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Omega Pointe Shoes

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Foot shape : greek-square or roman

UK sizing system : from 3 to 8

Box : square box, low profile

Widths : from Medium (X) to X Extra Wide (XXXX)

Biding : elasticized binding, without drawstring


Soft Shank (Full)

Made of two layers of Texon and a single layer of leather, Omega Soft shank provides light support to the arch and is ideal for dancers with tight ligaments or an underdeveloped arch. In most cases, a “beginner” who is starting pointe work will be best served with a soft shank. The minimal support provided by a soft shank will allow the dancer to stretch their ligaments to enable the dancer to stand fully “on top” of their platform. In other cases, a “seasoned” dancer with very tight ligaments may continue to wear a soft shank.

Medium Shank (Full)

Made of Texon, cardboard fiber 2.0, and leather, Omega Medium shank provides ample support to the arch for most dancers. For dancers with pliable ligaments, a medium shank allows them to stand “on top” of their platform with great ease.

Hard Shank (Three-Quarter)

Made of Texon, cardboard fiber 2.5, and leather, Omega Hard shank supports a malleable arch with stretched ligaments. For the best support for this type of arch, a hard shank will provide the most significant support. In addition, the shank must conform to the foot’s arch. A three-quarter cut shank provides the utmost contact to the arch for maximum support while “en pointe.”

Reinforced Hard Shank (Half Shank)

Made of Texon, polycarbonate, and leather, Omega Reinforced Hard shank supports a highly flexible foot with stretched ligaments - either through the development of the arch or born with loose ligaments. A reinforced hard shank will provide the ultimate support to the arch. A half shank is best suited for this type of arch to ensure that the shank will conform entirely to the arch.

Like Alfa, the Omega pointe shoe is ideal for the moderate-shaped Greek foot, where the second toe predominates or two toes of equal length, as both pointe shoes share the same last. Omega, manufactured in the "turn construction" method (made inside out) with external pleats, is English shoemaking traditionalism at its best. Noted for its clean appearance when placed on the foot, Omega's elasticized binding enhances the dancers' leg line to become a natural foot extension. Additionally, a moderate crown height adds to Omega's eloquent line. A reduction of the side and heel measurement and an open U shape throat display the dancers' arch to its maximum potential. Its reinforced platform ensures extended wear, while a silicone gel tip pad applied to the inside of the shoe's platform offers additional comfort. Lateral support at the metatarsals is due to Omega's supportive wings. A polyurethane (microfiber) insole and back-quarter panels prevent "sliding" in the shoe and wicks away moisture. An embossed leather outsole marked with a decorative design, including the size, width, and shank strength, provides traction. Omega is available with pre-stitched, high-quality satin or cotton ribbons free of charge. Omega's sizing follows the UK sizing system. 

Color Options: Salmon, White, Black, Carmel and Walnut 

Shoes can be custom made to your exact measurements for $100.

For out of area, if you have been pre sized and know your specific width, size, and desired shank hardness, you can call and have assistance in placing your order.

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