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demi pointe

Wear Moi

Satin demi-pointe shoes. Special box for beginners and a U cut for this shoe with NO shank. Excellent pre-pointe shoe to develop and strengthen the muscles in preparation for full pointe work. Should never be used to go on pointe.

Please select the "Studio Fit Service" if you would like your studio to fit your shoes.**  There is a fitting fee for this service.  Your studio has a database with everyone's size that they have measured.  We will use that information to order the correct size.  If the last fitting recorded is out of date, the teacher will size your student in between classes or during a break.  

  • "Fit Only" - pointe shoes will come WITHOUT ribbons and elastic.  
  • "Fit and Sew" - If you would like to have the fitting AND the ribbons & elastic to be sewn onto your shoes, please select this option.  
  • "No - I will provide shoe size options".  If you do not need one of the "Studio Fit Services" above, please select the "No" option and provide ALL the different shoe sizing information (box, cut, width, insole, shank, size, and wings).  Please note that shoes purchased without one of the Studio Fit Services above can not be returned.

Please allow approximately 3-4 weeks for delivery to your studio.  If you plan on reoccurring purchases of pointe shoes with please send us an email and we will do our best to minimize the delivery timelines through a special studio stocking program.  

**  This service is available only at Miller Marley School of Dance and Voice in Overland Park, KS at this time. Please ask your studio to contact us if you would like for this service to be available at your studio.  

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