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Latex Free-not made with natural rubber latex

Fluid Resistant



Single use only


1. Peel off the protective layer on the outward-facing side of the mask

2. Position the mask in your hand with the foam facing inward and the nose cutout on top, towards your fingertips.  Bring the mask towards your face, such that your nose fits into the nose cutout and your chin rests on the bottom foam piece.

3. With your other hand, take both the top and. bottom straps and place them over your head.  The bottom strap sits around the base of the head, below the ears. The top strap rests higher at the back of the head, above the ears. DO NOT CRISS CROSS STRAPS.

4. Use the EZ-Adjuster in the back to adjust the mask by pushing inward to tighten or pulling outward to loosen the straps. Ensure proper fit and direct contact between the face and the foam without gaps.



Size Guide
Sizing Chart

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