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Alpha Pointe Shoe

Wear Moi

Foot shape : greek-square or roman

UK sizing system : from 3 to 8

Box : square box, low profile

Widths : from Medium (X) to X Extra Wide (XXXX)

Biding : elastic drawstring encased in a cotton binding


Medium Shank (Full)

Made of Texon, cardboard fiber 2.0, and leather, Alfa Medium shank provides ample support to the arch for most dancers. For dancers with pliable ligaments, a medium shank allows them to stand “on top” of their platform with great ease. 

Color Options: Salmon, White, Black, Carmel and Walnut 


FOR OUT OF AREA ORDERS, IF YOU HAVE BEEN PRE-SIZED AND KNOW YOUR WIDTH, LENGTH, SHANK HARDNESS, you may call and have assistance with your order over the phone.  

Custom fitting to your exact measurements for your foot is available. $100/pair

Size Guide

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Sizing Chart

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